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Am I allowed back?

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 It's Binks here......used to be Binkie, but I had to change it to reregister. Am I perhaps permitted to return to the fold?
It's many years since I was on the forum, and a great deal has happened. I've missed it, and all the people I used to chat to.
Anybody left out there?

Alan W:
Welcome back Binks. It's great to hear from you again after all those years. The forum hasn't been the same without your witty contributions.

A few of the old gang are still around, and you will no doubt be hearing from some of them before long.

 Thank you Alan, (or should I say GAGLE?)  I look forward to meeting up with some old chat-mates !

Hi Binks (Binkie)

Welcome back.

You have aroused my curiosity.  Why did you need to reregister?  As far as I can see you are still on the books as Binkie.  Jane@manutd disappeared and returned after 5 years.

I'm not sure, but I think it was because my email address had changed. (My email account was hacked some time ago, and I only realised it when friends and family received mail from me saying that I was stranded in Namibia without any money !)   :D :D


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