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Welcome, Fishy


Alan W:
Welcome to the forum! Glad to hear from you (in another topic).

This might be a record. First post six and a half years after joining the forum! Don't feel you have to leave it so long before your next utterance.

Welcome from me too fishy.

That was useful information on the tracker blockers in the Forum Problems thread.  As I use Firefox on my laptop it is something I will keep an eye out for if I start to have problems.

Thank you Alan and Ozzyjack for the warm welcome :)

It's a bit of an understatement to say that I'm more of a listener than a talker. I think the current vernacular is 'lurker' although I don't come into the forums that much. When I do take a peek in here it's always a positive and enlightening (and often entertaining) experience. It's one of my favourite/favorite little corners of the interwebs and a real credit to yourself Alan and the regular community members.

Better late than never but welcome from me too Fishy :)  I quite like the idea of a 'lurker' lurking about!!

Welcome, Fishy!  I do hope to see you more often - the forum is always more interesting with more people chiming in.


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