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Hi fellow Chi players,this is my first post although I've been playing for several years under various names (lisa in upwey, lisa in hongkong, lisa in singapore) but since my husband roger decided he'd "help me " we've changed to RL.   A special "Hi" to RM, it's our challenge to get as near as possible to your score in the standard game, first thing we do is look at where "mother" is ,and when we see you've got the rossette it makes our day,next best thing to us getting it which only rarely happens.

Alan W:
Welcome to the forum, Lisa.

Hello Lisa,

I shouldn't say its about time that you finally decided to join in, but it is.
Just make sure that Roger not only helps you with the standard game but also helps you with the forum & don't forget, you can discuss anything that your little heart desires in the " More or Les " thread.

Welcome to you both from Les303

Hi Lisa,

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome, Lisa. Good to have you with us.

As Les said, you can talk about anything in the ‘More or Les’ thread, but that’s also true of the whole ‘Whatever’ section of the forum. You can start your own thread on any subject you like - it doesn’t have to be that thread.


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