Author Topic: Please read this before suggesting a word (updated 2 July 2009)  (Read 8506 times)

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Please read this before suggesting a word (updated 2 July 2009)
« on: January 12, 2009, 01:24:37 PM »
Please do not put the word you are suggesting - or any related word - in the Subject line of your post (unless the puzzle that inspired your suggestion is closed). This is because some players regard such words as "spoilers" - even words that are not allowed may bring to mind other words using some of the same letters.

You can give your post a Subject along these lines: "Word suggestion from Tuesday's challenge puzzle", so people who don't want to get any hints will know when it is safe to open the thread.

Your word may have been suggested before, so it might be worth trying a search.

For your convenience, here are the main rules about which words can be accepted in Chihuahua puzzles.

What words can't you use?

    * plurals and verb forms made by adding S to the end of a word
    * words normally written with a capital letter
    * words normally written with a punctuation mark
    * foreign language words (often printed in italics in a dictionary)

What words can you use?

    * British and American words and spelling
    * many words regarded as dialect or specific to a particular country or region
    * plurals and verb forms that are not simply "s" added to the end of the base word - e.g. "babies"
    * abbreviations that are pronounced as words, e.g. "awol"
    * slang and colloquial words

Please bear in mind that some very archaic or technical words may be excluded, even if they satisfy all of the above criteria. As a rough guide, any word that's likely to be found in a one- or two-volume general dictionary is likely to be accepted. But if the word is only to be found in a multi-volume unabridged dictionary, perhaps not. Feel free to make your suggestion in any case!
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