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Whatever / Re: More or Les (was Bloody Plurals)
« on: January 21, 2023, 08:20:52 AM »
Oh TRex that does conjure up a funny picture!  I know it's not a laughing matter but it did make me chuckle.  So very pleased you're on the mend :)

I'm sure an observer would have had been laughing. I went head-first into the wife's dresser and, naturally, several things fell off on to the back of my head (I was face-down). After several seconds of quiet, a huge crash came down on me — I'd dislodged the mirror from the back of the dresser and it had fallen on me (without breaking!), taking a few more things from the top of the dresser down on top of me. I stayed face down for awhile, afraid of what might still be coming (not realising I'd brought down the mirror). My wife came running into the room, saw me face down not moving and tentatively called my name, worried. Still face down, I told her I thought I was okay, but worried I might have re-injured the ankle (I had not, fortunately, but it was a few days before x-rays revealed that bit of good news). I can only imagine how the second wave of falling items, including the mirror, would have looked to an observer, but it probably was like slapstick comedy!

Whatever / Re: More or Les (was Bloody Plurals)
« on: January 21, 2023, 03:34:42 AM »
Biggest thing is developing confidence that ankle is nearly healed

I know exactly what you mean, TRex (I love writing that name, they were my absolute favourite band way back).  I started off with a walking frame which made me feel about 150 years' old and then progressed to two crutches and then down to one.  I remember thinking how on earth am I ever going go feel confident enough to walk unaided but of course I have got there eventually.  The physio said walking is great but you are still relying on your other leg to do some of the work (!) so the Pilates is designed to strengthen the muscles and other stuff they cut through on the bad leg only.  I suppose they know what they're talking about.   Some days are better than others but they say it could take up to 18 months before I'm fully back to where I was as I have had "invasive and traumatic" surgery - yikes!  >:D

I was completely useless at crutches (too big a klutz) — practically fell flat on my face trying to use them. The indispensible tool for getting around the first couple of months was a knee scooter (though I managed to fall off it a few times and once went head-first over the handlebars!).

Whatever / Re: More or Les (was Bloody Plurals)
« on: January 20, 2023, 07:09:33 AM »
Physio went ok, Pen.  Have been given some Pilates exercises which can be done lying down - my kind of exercise!! Trying to snow here so have ramped up the heating, despite the cost.  >:D

Glad to hear, Linda. I was given the option of physio at yesterday's appointment, but told simple walking could be sufficient. Guess what this lazy-bones chose?  >:D I got the okay to start walking without the enormous boot and started immediately. Using a 'Hinged Wraptor Ankle Brace' (what a lot of words!) without even a cane, except when going up/down stairs; getting up during night I'm skipping brace and just using a cane. Biggest thing is developing confidence that ankle is nearly healed — still not cleared for more extreme stuff like table tennis! Doc says my right calf muscles are visibly atrophied but using them should restore them to something normal.

This Forum / Re: Punctuation wrongly displayed
« on: January 18, 2023, 03:14:46 AM »
Being an Apple user, I had assumed it was an IOS vs Windows incompatibility.

I'd actually be surprised if the server hosting the forum ran either iOS or Windows. Much more likely to be some form of Linux.

Whatever / Re: More or Les (was Bloody Plurals)
« on: January 16, 2023, 10:54:33 AM »
You're quite welcome. Glad to be able to help.

Whatever / Re: More or Les (was Bloody Plurals)
« on: January 16, 2023, 06:02:15 AM »
The problem does not appear, so it confirms that the problem only occurs when the characters were first typed on Word.

The other question is I nearly always draft on word for posts of any length and I have not noticed it before.  Why now?

I don't have the technical knowledge to see if it something to do with the fonts, so unless somebody can come up with a solution, we will just have to work around it.

P.S.  It is not only a Word problem.  I tried text generated by IOS Notes.  It converts apostrophes to question marks too.

Do you have an option to turn off 'smart quotes'? All software (AFAIK) can handle ' " quotes, but some software will convert those to things like ‘ ’ ‛ “ ” ‟ which some software doesn't handle (I'm betting those won't appear correctly so will attach an image of them.)

Words / chignon is common?
« on: January 10, 2023, 05:10:40 AM »
The five least-played 'common' words in the anchoring game were
155 conga
145 nacho
114 rhino
 82 chagrin
 47 chignon

ISTM that should be sufficient evidence for reclassification. (I had to look up the word.)

Words / Re: cascara
« on: January 10, 2023, 05:03:57 AM »
I have to admit that I haven't heard of cascara.

Nor have I.

Word Games / Re: 7 by many club
« on: January 10, 2023, 05:03:32 AM »
I don’t know about anyone else but, being a fan of Doctor Who, I was disappointed that tardis wasn’t allowed…

But dalek is accepted in Chihuahua!  ;D ;D ;D

Whatever / Re: More or Les (was Bloody Plurals)
« on: January 09, 2023, 06:30:34 AM »
When you get done with that:

Flaming Nora!  No way would I pay $165.99 for a jigsaw - surely that can't be right?  Is it gold plated?  :-\

I'm gearing up to starting my puzzle today as the weather here is dull and rainy and I have a sudden need to discover where Tuvalu is just so that I can show off to Pen!!  >:D

Since jigsaw puzzle prices tend to be a fuction of the number of pieces and the average size of the pieces, I suspect the price is correct — most of the 1000-piece puzzles are a little over one-half square inch per piece whereas this particular puzzle's pieces average less than one-half square inch and there are a lot of pieces! (I don't know that I've seen another puzzle with twelve thousand pieces!)

But maybe you'd prefer this:

Whatever / Re: More or Les (was Bloody Plurals)
« on: January 08, 2023, 12:09:48 PM »
This is a 1500 piece jigsaw!  May take some time.  There seems to be an awful lot of ocean and tiny countries so I'm sure I will be a geographical whizz kid when I've finished.  :-\ 

When you get done with that:

Words / Re: Maneuver
« on: January 01, 2023, 08:45:04 AM »
I was surprised to see maneuver as a seed word in yesterday's 7-by-many. Mention of this word (vs manoeuvre) was made by TRex in this thread and I agree with him that when the spelling of a word is significantly different between countries (as opposed to words ending in ise/ize) then that word shouldn't be a seed word.
Wow, Pat — that was seven and one-half years ago and I forgot I wrote that! Amazing memory!

Whatever / Re: T-Rex - are you ok?
« on: December 18, 2022, 03:51:39 AM »
Thanks to all for the concern. I'm not — yet — six feet under!

Perhaps when a player has foreknowledge of a Chihuahua absence, a private notice could be sent to Alan.  And he could signal us (without tipping off the cyber bandits) that all is well, or not.

Unfortunately, my absence was completely unplanned.  :(

IIRC (my recollection is quite hazy), the absence began with a computer crash about the same time changes to my prescriptions went less well than expected. Among the side effects has been (and continues to be) insomnia and brain fog. One consequence of the insomnia was wandering about the house at night (in a daze) and sometimes dozing off whilst on my feet, resulting in falls with injuries — like into the corner of a metal filing cabinet. But the worst was a backwards fall with my back too close to a wall for my leg to move freely: a broken fibula in the ankle area requiring surgery to insert screws and a plate. Now I'm struggling just to get around the house and only go out for doctor appointments. I am fortunate to have a wife who takes such good care of me!

I'm (slowly) rebuilding my computer's OS and have begun to catch up on Forum messages. It was much appreciated to see concern expressed. It will probably be some time before I regularly resume playing the Chihuahua games as the brain fog makes the game difficult.

Words / Re: Thursday 29 September 7-by-many COHERENCY puzzle
« on: October 24, 2022, 02:33:58 PM »
After Truss delivered her resignation in a crisp address Thursday, ...


Words / Re: PHAETON in the HEPTAGONAL puzzle
« on: October 19, 2022, 04:15:17 AM »
I've heard of it and seen it in print. But common? Maybe ... 150 years ago!

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