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Title: Chihuahua icon changed
Post by: blackrockrose on January 06, 2020, 09:44:50 PM
Is it just my computer, or has the Chihuahua icon changed?

It used to be a pinkish pointy-eared animal head (I presume a chihuahua).

But now the icon in the thumbnail on my Google front page is a black letter C on a yellow square with a black line around the perimeter - a bit like the central compulsory letter in all the puzzles except 7-by-many.

Is this a new look for the new year, Alan, or just my computer playing up?
Title: Re: Chihuahua icon changed
Post by: Alan W on January 06, 2020, 10:43:24 PM
Well spotted, blackrockrose. It's part of a package of changes I'm making, but so far it's gone live only at the alternate site, www.chihuahua-puzzle.com. I'll spell out what's changed when it's fully implemented on both sites.

As for the icon, you're right: the animal is meant to be a chihuahua. I've noticed that on mobile phones and tablets the icon on the browser tab is usually tiny, and difficult to recognise. Many of the most successful websites use a stylised version of their initial letter - e.g. Facebook, Amazon, Google, Netflix. Since Chihuahua is all about letters, the C icon seems a logical way to go.

More info over the next few days.