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Title: Some forum pages may soon be blocked
Post by: Alan W on December 11, 2019, 04:30:45 PM
A couple of years ago alarming messages started appearing when certain web browsers were used to visit this forum and the Chihuahua site. Read about these messages and the changes I had to make to get rid of them here (https://theforum.lexigame.com/index.php?topic=3476.msg54194#msg54194) and here (https://theforum.lexigame.com/index.php?topic=3611.msg55271#msg55271). To cut a long story short, the sites had to be revamped so that they could be accessed using the prefix https: rather than http:.

Now it seems Google plans to further tighten security in its Chrome browser, targeting "mixed content" pages. These are pages accessed via https: if they include some content, such as images, retrieved via http:. The plan is to eventually block such pages from being viewed in Chrome. This could affect quite a few forum threads, where forumites have posted links to pictures on other sites. So far the more severe action on mixed content is limited to the Chrome browser, but this is the most commonly used browser by forum visitors, accounting for about half of the site's traffic.

One thing we can all do from now on is make sure that any images we include in a forum post have an https: prefix. I'll wait and see if anything needs to be done about the many existing topics with mixed content.